The Ren family is an innovative way of understanding contract chair systems. Its modularity allows unlimited composition possibilities, while always maintaining a strong personality thanks to the particular volume variety of the applicable seat-backs. Two wide sides can be used to defne a space in which to sit comfortably and ...


Spacious and adjustable to one’s own taste and comfort, Arty is a modular system that can be arranged and combined in many different ways. It is multi-optional in colour and material. The iconic design stands its ground in a living room as well as in a hotel lobby or office. ...


Comfort and refinement, a tribute to the contemporary. A refined product aimed for those seeking a contemporary design with simple lines and sinuous, and its distinctive character and making both elegant and versatile.


An evocative and timeless collection, where the comfort and sophistication of simple lines and curved shapes give their distinctive character. Kesy combines a sleek design and a large wrap-around shape that invites relaxation.


A retro style, elegant, comfortable and fascinating are the hallmarks of this armchair. A refined product aimed for those seeking a contemporary design. 


A collection that recalls stylised and essential shapes, for a contemporary design. The rigorous aesthetics gives formal lightness to the entire collection.

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