The Hullahoop armchair is a bold geometric design that got its inspiration from the hula hoop game. A playful yet elegant furniture piece that can easily be included both in residential and hospitality interior design projects.


A family with a graphic design with rigorous geometries, like a theorem, a clean, elegant and comfortable line, ideal for outdoor, contract and home use.


A chair that combines design and aesthetics in a perfect synthesis and perfectly expresses the pursuit of essentialness. A lightweight yet sturdy chair that will fit seamlessly into any setting


“Like a coffee bean” was the motto that inspired this new collection. With smooth, sinuous lines, it is almost an invitation to sit down. For this model, with its generous curves and captivating lines, several materials were used, such as cotton, straw and nautical rope, which resulted in a collection ...


An evocative and timeless collection, where the comfort and sophistication of simple lines and curved shapes give Elicia chairs their distinctive character. As caster wheel and metal bases are possible options, it is ideal for office environments.


Inspired in the bamboo forest shapes, the Nature collection is an appeal to return to our origins, where we manage to reach a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind. The beautiful design details in this collection can only be produced by true craftsmen, who suceed in transforming the complexity ...


This collection, with a vintage design style is a return to softer and curvier lines, bringing elegance and comfort to your interior design.


The timeless charm of the Scandinavian style, finds a new interpretation with a touch of Mediterranean creativity.


True design is inspired in our everyday lives, it is a result of our experiences and of our memories. Tágada collection was inspired in the childhood and fond memories of the designer. It is a tribute to his childhood playing times with his friends, is a collection meant to bring ...

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