Sweetly collection bring a modern touch to any type of environment, with a modern Italian design finish to combine with the latest decoration trends. Versatile and functional with its harmonious and sinuous lines and a generous and welcoming backrest it allows it to fit into any Hospitality location, both classic ...


The design that comes from memory, a Cremino, the chocolate cake that was eaten as children, composed of two layers of chocolate and gianduia, a starting point to give life to a seat of great class and particularity of the unique and evocative style, enriched by sinuous shapes and geometries ...


Subtle details, curved elements and a slender frame, a strong graphic sign with great personality, add unexpected movement and dynamism to the construction maintaining lightness and looking beautiful from all perspectives. elaborate interplay with the bentwood parts.


An evocative graphic sign that recalls the “Clepsydra” game, is an chair with a blending of traditional craftsmanship and rational pristine design, where we are wisely mixed technical and structural but also emotional aspects in order to be able to use them in multiple locations of Hotels, Ships, Retirement Homes ...


A graphic sign, an easygoing spirit, light yet refined cozy in form and in substance united with a subtle lightness describe “Time” at the same time classic and contemporary.

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